Minecraft developers do not allow NFT on gaming platforms

Minecraft will not allow non-fungal tokens (NFT) to be used on the popular gaming platform, and the company describes them as the opposite of Minecraft’s “values ​​of creative inclusion and playing together”.

NFTs give ownership of a unique digital object, usually an image or video, with ownership registered in a decentralized digital register called a blockchain.

Digital files can usually be copied or deleted for free, but an NFT identifies the owner of the original file for the purpose of buying, selling or trading ownership – usually for cryptocurrency.

The hype surrounding NFTs led to a boom in sales that peaked at $ 12 billion (AUD 17.4 billion) worldwide in January. But at the same time as the decline in cryptocurrency, sales recently began to crash a 12-month low of USD 1 billion (AUD 1.45 billion) in June.

Minecraft, which allows users to build entire virtual worlds, is highly customizable. During the more than 10 years that the game has been around, it has built up a huge community of users who design shells, mods and maps for the game.

Minecraft represented an attractive potential market for NFTs, with a user base – estimated at more than 141 million in August 2021 – already committed to sharing unique digital objects developed for the game.

But the Microsoft-owned development studio behind Minecraft, Mojang, has put an end to speculation about whether NFT can be allowed in the game. IN a blog post on Wednesday, the developers said that blockchain technology was not allowed and stated that it was contrary to Minecraft’s values.

“Each of these uses of NFTs and other blockchain technologies creates digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusion, which is inconsistent with Minecraft’s values ​​of creative inclusion and playing together,” the company said.

“NFTs do not include our entire society and create a scenario of those who have and those who do not have. and the success of our players. “

Mojang said that the creations in Minecraft had an inherent value and that there had been cases where NFTs were sold at artificial or fraudulent inflated prices.

The studio said it was concerned that third-party NFTs might not be reliable and could end up costing players. It also said it was worried that an implementation of Minecraft based entirely on blockchain technology could also disappear without warning – meaning players would have lost their investments.

This is called in the crypto community as a “rug pull”, where the developers behind a crypto project shut down the project and take off with the money. This already seems to have happened with a third-party Minecraft project called Blockverse. PC Gamer reported in January the project disappeared after over $ 1 million ($ 1.45 million) had been invested.

Mojang left the door open to use “safer” blockchain technology in Minecraft in the future but said they had no plans to allow it at this time.

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A group working to build NFTs into Minecraft said the move was a “step backwards in innovation” and if they were banned they would have to turn to another gaming platform.

Another very popular and similarly adaptable game, Roblox, which enables the purchase of items in the game, has not yet announced a position on NFTs. But the company’s business manager, Craig Donato, told VentureBeat in April he did not understand why the game would not allow NFTs and it was more a matter of when.

Other gaming companies such as Square Enix and Ubisoft also play with NFT. This week, Square Enix announced that people for the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII next year could Obtain physical trading cards with digital versions such as NFT.

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