Everything we know about Horizon: Call of the Mountain |  Digital trends

Everything we know about Horizon: Call of the Mountain | Digital trends

Horizon’s world has always been a visual and technical spectacle unlike any other. Seeing the massive robot dinosaurs move with intricate and detailed parts and patterns in the lush, overgrown world of the post-apocalypse through both the original game and its sequel marked some of the most impressive sights we’ve seen on our PlayStation consoles. Now, however, Guerrilla Games and Firesprite have found a new way to truly appreciate and immerse ourselves in the dangerous world of Horizon.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain will be a departure from Aloy’s adventure that the first two games focused on, but it’s much more a change in perspective from which character we will play as. This was among the first games ever announced to come to the unreleased PlayStation VR 2 and will give a whole new sense of scale to combat these giant robots. VR games are still in their infancy, with many games still experimenting with how to handle basic game concepts. For all the details on how Horizon: Call of the Mountain will work as you enter a world full of rabid robots, here’s all we know about this upcoming PS VR 2 title.

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Release Date

A campsite in a river.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain has no release date yet. Although it is not confirmed, we are convinced that this game is meant to be one launch title for PS VR 2. But since the device itself does not even have a release date yet, the game has no release date. We expect a release date for this title to be released along with a PS VR 2 release, even if it is not a launch title.


A robot crossing a log across a river.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain will be an exclusive PS VR 2. You need a PS5 and PS VR 2 headset to play it.

Sony has moved more towards porting its games to PC, and there are no obvious reasons why Horizon: Call of the Mountain could not also run on a PC VR device, so there is a possibility that this game will one day hit PC as well.


The first trailer we got for Horizon: Call of the Mountain was just a teaser. It begins with a long speech by Guerilla’s Studio Director before Horizon: Forbidden West even launched. He says that they are working on this new experience which is meant to really show the power and potential of PS VR 2. What we see of the game itself is a short scene that would obviously be more impressive in VR itself with three people. floats down a river when a Tallneck goes straight over them before heading towards the title.

Our second trailer was not much longer but completely focused on showing the game in action. Here we finally confirm that we will not play as Aloy, the main character in the main games, but as a new character named Ryas. We start in the same boat scenario and get a nice and close look at some peaceful robots until the trio is attacked by a Snapaw and their boat overturns. We hear some voices talking about the potential for Ryas to redeem himself over something in his past by finding out why the machines are hostile, and there are also some captivating views that the series has always been so proud of.


A red robot bird attacks.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain looks like it follows your typical VR experience. We see the new main character Ryas ride a boat as a guided tour but also do many manual movements. Expect to use your hands to climb a lot, including mountain climbing with picks and even zip-lining just like Aloy would. There are also moments of swimming, rope climbing and jumping to ledges, which look a bit odd with your floating hands.

In terms of combat, one could probably imagine that the bow would be an obvious choice. You must use one hand to load arrows on your bow, draw and fire it at your target. In the trailer, we see battles against lots of robots, but no humans so far. There also seems to be a dodge mechanic of some kind, although it is not clear how it will work exactly. We see Ryas holding picks while he is not crossing, which may indicate that there may be melee alternatives, but at the moment we have only seen bow action.

It was also announced Horizon: Call of the Mountain would have a special “River Ride experience” that takes away all the combat and simply lets you enjoy a guided tour on rails in Horizon’s majestic world – almost like a robotic version of Jurassic park.


Looking down a dusty path towards an open view of a mountain.

Although many VR games support multiple players, it is tricky. For Horizon: Call of the Mountain, nothing shown in trailers indicates that multiplayer will be included in any way, which makes sense for a series that has never had a multiplayer element so far. Everything that is shown has looked very story-driven and without much space for a second player, and it would not make sense for a game like this to have a tailored competition mode or something similar.

Once it is confirmed if you can play Horizon: Call of the Mountain with or against other people, we will notify you.


Horizon: Call of the Mountain can not be pre-ordered yet. Again, there is no date for this game, and we will not get one until PS VR 2 has a release date first. Once we have received these dates and pre-orders go live, we will update you on all the information here.

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