Roll Recovery enters the arena of stroke therapy with the compact R1 - CyclingTips

Roll Recovery enters the arena of stroke therapy with the compact R1 – CyclingTips

BOULDER, Colo. (June 14, 2022) – Roll Recoverya leader in recovery and athletic performance and innovators of therapy tools for deep tissue massage, today announces the launch of the new R1 Percussion Massage Device.

Designed to prepare the body before exercise and speed up recovery after exercise, the R1 has a compelling set of features at an available price of $ 129. With its small size compared to other percussion massagers on the market, the R1 provides a premium experience with its extremely quiet engine and long-lasting (7+ hours) battery wrapped in an attractive package. Built with the highest quality materials and unmatched design, the R1 is a perfect complement to Roll Recovery’s arsenal of exceptional restoration tools.

“While exploring the percussion unit market, we discovered that the majority of percussion units were loud, oversized and expensive plastic bodies with rather poor battery life,” said Jeremy Nelson, founder and CEO of Roll Recovery. “The goal behind the design of the R1 was to create a product that is elegant and compact, powerful, exceptionally quiet and has a long battery life, with some pretty cool color options to add a little bling to our lives. We are very pleased with the result, because it complements our current range of rolling and compression recovery products. R1 is another useful tool to add to an athlete’s recovery methods. ”

Tested and inspired by elite athletes, the R1 Percussion Massage Device uses the power of stroke therapy to improve performance and speed recovery. With four simple speeds from 1800 rpm to 3200 rpm and replaceable accessories for massage heads, R1 is adjustable to your training needs. R1 can be used before training, for increased range of motion and flexibility, improved muscle strength and improved neuromuscular performance; or after exercise, to facilitate blood flow, loosen stiff muscles, reduce local muscle pain and prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). In addition, with the right settings, R1’s percussive therapy functions are also useful for calming the nervous system and can improve sleep quality and thus promote tissue repair.

The technical specifications of the R1 support its attractive design:
* Portable due to its light and compact properties, which makes it a perfect fit for a gym bag and a travel companion.
* Weight: 1.4 lbs (0.57 kg)
* Dimensions: 5.6 inches x 3.6 inches x 1.85 inches (14.2 cm x 9.1 cm x 4.7 cm).
* Long-lasting lithium-ion battery (7+ hours) with 15-minute self-timer.
* 40 decibels silent operation.
* Anodised aluminum body of aircraft quality.
* Premium USB-c charging system provides comfort and convenience when you are on the go.
* 4 accessories for massage heads, including Soft Head, Dual Head, Spike and Flat Head.
* 4 speeds (1800 RPM, 2200 RPM, 2600 RPM, 3200 RPM).

R1 ($ 129 MSRP) is available now at and choose specialty retailers in four unique colors: carbon black, ruby ​​red, champagne gold and mint green. Coming soon also on and Amazon.
For more information on Roll Recovery’s complete collection of massage and recovery tools, visit

Important details

  • Lighter, quieter and travel-friendly percussion massager
  • Available price $ 129
  • Compact


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