Hunters have really become lethal in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 Hunter built for endless throwing knives

Hunters are one of the most popular classes in Destiny 2. This character class has interesting abilities such as becoming invisible and throwing knives. Now, the Hunters have always been known for rocking the Void underclass because it can make the character a perfect assassin.

But lately Solar 3.0 reworking has turned these hunters into a fire-breathing dragon that burns everything in its wake. One of the great highlights of this character is the ability to throw flaming knives. Properly paired with Solar 3.0 Shards and Aspects, hunters could potentially have an endless supply of these throwing knives.

Here’s a design that will allow Hunters to acquire an endless set of throwing knives in Destiny 2.

Best Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 Hunter build

The basic idea behind all Solar 3.0 Hunter builds is to try to apply the Scorch debuff to enemies. With Scorch debuff active, the Guardians can literally burn through enemy combatants and get rid of them easily.

Here is a list of all the fragments, aspects and weapons that Guardians need to get the perfect Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 Hunter barley.


Super: Blade Barrage.

Class ability: Dodge players. Ducking close to enemies completely restores melee capability.

Throwing knives:

  • Knivtrick: Guards throw flaming knives at enemies and apply sweat protection to them.
  • Weighted throwing knife: Guards throw a heavy knife that gives extra precision damage and causes burning targets to ignite.

Guardians can choose one of the two knives here. Yes, the weighted throwing knife does more damage, but getting a precision hit with it is a little harder. It’s a little easier to hit targets with Knife Trick because it’s more like a fan of projectiles.

Garnet: Solar grenade

Solar 3.0 Aspects & Fragments for Hunters in Destiny 2.

Beat them down: Blade Barrage super throws more projectiles. While Radiant gets the Guardian’s full melee energy for each successful melee death.

Gunpowd Gamble: Defeating combatants with solar weapons or solar strippers charges a specialized solar explosive that applies Scorch to targets in the event of an explosion.

A combination of these two aspects only opens for 3 fragment slots. Guards can use these fragments to get the most out of their builds.

Ember of Torches: The final blow of the melee can make the Guardian and their nearby allies glorious.

The glow of consolation: Buffets that radiate and restoration have an increased duration.

Ember of Empyrean: Solar capacity or last blow from solar weapons further increases the duration of radiant and restorative buffers.

Armor & Mods for good Solar 3.0 synergy in Destiny 2

Exotic armor:

  • Shards of Galanor: Hits and kills with Blade Barrage will return up to 50% of the super energy when it’s over.
  • Assassins Cowl: Driven melee combat gives the Guardian invisibility and restores some of their health and shields. Finishers and final blows to more powerful targets increase the duration of invisibility and the amount of health and shields restored.

Guardians can choose to use one of these two exotic with their buildings. Both of these designs offer two completely different approaches for hunters.

Hunters in Destiny 2 are known to be glass cannons. They can cause great harm but are really squishy. The Assassin’s Cowl is a really good choice for those hunters who do not like to be squishy. Hunters who love to melt bosses quickly can bet on Shards of Galanor.


The basic mods that the Guardians need to keep an eye on here are the usual armor mods that give state buffs. As a hunter, it is important to have a high mobility score. So any mod that can take the total mobility score to 100 is important. Having a high mobility score means that hunters will be able to avoid more often.

With Gambler’s Dodge, Hunters in Destiny 2 will regain full melee energy when they avoid close enemies, and a powerful melee battle will make them Brilliant, and then the cycle of endless knives can go on forever.

Guardians can also focus on mods like Bomber because they give back grenade energy. Another mod that Guardians need to keep an eye on is the Classy Restoration mod. This can be downloaded from Nightmare Harvester Seasonal Artifact.

With the Classy Restoration mode, Guardians will be able to activate the Restoration Buffer every time they use their Solar class abilities in Destiny 2.


All Solar weapons fit well with this Solar 3.0 build. But to get the most out of it, the Guardians can choose to use weapons like Calus mini tool or Drang (baroque). Both of these weapons roll with the Incandescent benefit. Weapons with the light bulb benefit sting targets, which makes it a nice little benefit that works really well with this design.

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