What are the best ways of obtaining Aspirant’s Keys in Diablo Immortal? (Image via Diablo Immortal)

The aspirant’s keys in Diablo Immortal: What they are used for and how to grow them efficiently

Diablo Immortal gives its players a variety of ways to make their characters stronger as they go through the various stages of the RPG and grind out the playoff content.

Most of these methods are blocked behind in – game microtransactions and a paywall, which has been widely criticized by gamers ever since the title was officially released earlier this month.

Fortunately, there are options for making one character grows stronger in the supposed “pay-to-win” title, but it will take considerable time, patience and effort to do so. One of the best and most useless ways to scale a character in Diablo Immortal is by upgrading the collected Horadrim vessels at the sanctuary found in Iben Fahd’s Sanctum.

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