To digitally import text using your iPhone's Notes app, simply hold the camera lens over the desired text and it will magically appear as a Notes document.

How to scan documents and text to your iPhone with the Notes app

  • Scan documents and save as PDF files with the notes app
  • Scan text from physical documents or lists with Apple’s new “Scan Text” feature
  • Use Apple’s Continuity Camera to seamlessly transfer scanned documents to your Macbook

iPhones are multifunctional devices. The mobile phone whose primary purpose was to call and text no longer exists. Apple smartphone lovers use their devices to scroll social media, e-commerce, set reminders and snooze alarms. With the evolving digital landscape, owners can even track their workouts with Apple Watches and find missing items with AirTags.

But did you know that you can also take everyday objects from the real world and import them into your iPhone? Here’s how to scan documents and lists on your phone and seamlessly transfer paper trails to the online world.

How to scan documents on your iPhone

The release of iOS 11 in 2017 ushered in a new era for the iPhone Notes app: scanning documents. The feature has since been updated and has new features, but was a first step towards unifying the physical and digital worlds when it comes to documents and letters.

To scan a document on your iPhone:

  1. Open the notes app
  2. Create a new note by clicking in the lower right corner
  3. Tap the camera icon above the keyboard. Older iPhones may have this as a plus sign.
  4. Select “Scan Document” which will open your iPhone’s camera
  5. Take a picture of the document you want to save. A yellow highlight above the document should indicate what is being scanned.
  6. Scan another document to save multiple files or press “Save” to exit the camera

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