We shopped in Tesco and Supervalu to see which is cheaper today

We shopped in Tesco and Supervalu to see which is cheaper today

Inflation hits everyone’s pockets.

From gasoline to food prices climbs affect daily life.

The effects of both the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have caused instability and collapse of supply chains, causing prices to rise.

Grocery inflation has slowly crept into the background.

Back in December, before the war in Ukraine, the CSO category “Food and non-alcoholic beverages” showed inflation of 1.6% compared to a year earlier.

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The interest rate has risen every month since then, 2.1% in January, 3% in February, 3.1% in March and 3.5% in April.

To help you decide where to shop each week, we’ve taken a trip to two of Ireland’s largest supermarkets – Tesco and Supervalu – to find the best deals.

Here’s what we learned about which store is cheaper for your everyday things.


The basis of most breakfasts, from cups of tea to bowls of cereal, milk is about as important as they become.

In both Tesco and Supervalu, 2 liters of milk costs € 1.89, the same applies to the low-fat versions.

Verdict: it’s a draw.


To give both stores the best chance, we compared their own brand of white slice pan, one of the most common types purchased.

Tesco takes the cake because their loaf only costs 75c while Supervalu takes € 1.39.

If you are looking for a brown loaf, Tesco will cost you 59c and Supervalu 89c.

Verdict: Tesco is catered for all your toast and sandwich needs.


You have your bread now but where are you going to get your butter?

If you decide to take a trip to Tesco, a tub of their “butter me up” surcharge is 99c while the Supervalus equivalent comes in at the same price.

Really creamy butter from both stores’ own brands costs € 2.99 for 454 grams. Interestingly, a slightly smaller block of 227 grams will cost you € 1.69 on Supervalu and € 1.79 in Tesco.

Verdict: about the same depending on the type and how much better you want.


Eggs come in many varieties, free range, organic, a dozen or a half dozen.

It largely depends on personal preferences.

A dozen standard eggs in Supervalu and Tesco cost € 2.30.

If you want a free offer, the price difference is only small, € 3.49 in Supervalu and € 3.35 in Tesco.

If you do not eat many eggs and want a real bargain, you get Tesco’s half a dozen for € 1.15.

Verdict: Tesco but barely.

Supervalu, Glanmire, Cork


Again, a very similar story for 8 sausages from each supermarket’s own brand costs 99c.

So let’s see the options if you’re looking for something more.

The ever-iconic Superquinn sausages are available for € 1.50 for 6 as they currently have special offers.

Tesco Finest Pork Sausages comes in at € 2.99 for 6.

Verdict: Supervalu wins.


Of course, to end our battle for breakfast, we must look at rashers.

Tesco takes the crown as a package of their own brand rashers comes in at € 1.75 while the Supervalu equivalent is € 2.

A difference of 25c.

Verdict: Tesco wins.


The staple food for many Irish dinners, but where can you find them at the best price?

The answer is Supervalu because a 2 kg bag with tip tip only costs 2 € while in Tesco you will pay 2.49 € for the same product.

A saving of 49c.

Verdict: Supervalu wins.


Another essential pasta for quick dinner is simple and provides lots of carbohydrates for energy but where should you get a bag?

Either dealer.

A packet of spaghetti costs only 99c in both places, but if you want more variety of pasta forms for under 1 €, you can take a trip to Tesco.

Verdict: Draw but Tesco for more choices.

Chicken breast

Versatile alternative to lean meat, chicken breasts are often found in people’s carts.

Tesco wins this battle when 3 breasts come in at € 5.32 but Supervalu will cost you € 5.99.

That is a significant difference.

Verdict: Tesco wins.

garbage bags

Supervalu wins this round without any questions.

For a roll with 30 50l bags it costs only 1.15 €.

The Tesco equivalent costs € 2.50 for a roll of 20.

Verdict: Supervalu wins.

A customer is shopping in the fruit and vegetable aisle of a Tesco supermarket
Tesco is moving towards selling fruit and vegetables loosely

Washing-up liquid

Keeping the house clean is annoying in itself and even less so if you have to spend a lot of money on necessities.

Go to Tesco for all your detergent needs as a bottle of stuff only costs 62c while Supervalu is 90c.

Verdict: Tesco wins.


One apple a day keeps the doctor away and if you want the most affordable apple for

Take a look at the 6-pack of Irish available for € 1.99.

You will save yourself 10c compared to the 6-pack from Supervalu on sale for 2.09 €

Verdict: Tesco wins.

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