What to expect from Xbox's big press conference tomorrow

What to expect from Xbox’s big press conference tomorrow

An astronaut stares into space at Starfield.

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For Xbox, a lot goes to its big press conference that is not E3. Right now, after a number of notable delays, the mega-publisher’s 2022 lacks any major exclusive offers. In addition to the required game announcements coming to Game Pass and announcements of more devices that you can stream these games on, the Xbox may actually share some news about, you know, actual video games.

Where to look

The event starts at 13:00 ET on Sunday 12 June. You can stream it on Xbox’s Youtube and Jerk channels. If you prefer to see it with such heavy compressions, it looks like you are if it looks through a kaleidoscope, it will also flow on Twitter. Bethesda will also streamline on its Youtube and Jerk channels. Xboxs Aaron Greenberg sa it will run for 95 minutes.

Xbox will follow up the showcase with an “extended” at. 13:00 ET on Tuesday 14 June. That feed will not contain any new announcements but will provide additional information about games shown during the main event.

What to expect

Ahead of Thursday’s Summer Game Fest kickoff event, publishers and developers – in a marketing campaign for even more marketing – openly said if their games would show up during the show; some surprises there. Many revelations during Sony’s big State of Play showcase had meanwhile been rumored; some surprises there either. However, the Xbox event is a bit more of a mystery.

It’s a pretty sure card that something, somethinginvolves Halo is endless will appear. Halo are Xboxs Mario. And right now, the latest iteration is the multiplayer shooter that also happens to be Microsoft’s big live service game du jour, with a regular amount of updates and lots of previously announced add-ons planned for future updates. Halo is endless still lacks multiplayer features – including support for a collaborative campaign, plus the creative level-building Forge mode – which has been in previous games and has been promised to be released sometime this year. Last year, Microsoft trademarked “The Endless”, an obvious reference to events that happen at the end of Infinites campaign, starts up a possible expansion. The studio Certain Affinity is also works with the game in any unspeakable capacity; some fans think it’s developing a Battle Royale mode.

Fans are also convinced of some kind Banjo-Kazooie revival is on the way. Through performances, some people saw the Xbox head Phil Spencer plays the Xbox 360 version Banjo-Kazooie Earlier this month. (Some say it’s a character; others say he only plays a game he likes.) Yes, this is the result of type three degrees of hearsay, but claimed a developer that something related to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters are on their way. Spencer previously told Kotaku that every revival of the series is a call to be made by the original developer Rare, now an Xbox studio.

Two explorers looking at a mountain in Everwild.

If nothing else, Everwild is very, very beautiful.
Screenshot: Rare

Speaking of Rare, the venerable studio has another game in progress that has only been shown in screenshots and short movie trailers: Everwild. Last June, after Everwild was absent from the Xbox E3 presence, VGC first reported that the game had been restarted internally and was now focused on a 2024 release. Maybe this year’s non-E3 show is when we finally learn its business?

Xbox’s slate has a bunch of other announced titles underway. Many were teased last year’s Xbox E3 showcase has not yet received any information revealed in the meantime. A selection:

  • The outer worldsObsidian’s first-person sci-fi RPG that feels like Fall out in space, get a sequel.
  • Obsidian is also developing a first-party fantasy RPG called Avowed.
  • The horror game Contempt, inspired by HR Giger’s work, has been delayed a few times. It is currently scheduled to be released in October 2022 on Xbox and PC.
  • The creators of Just because develop Smuggled goodsa co-op game set in the 70’s.
  • Atomic Heart is another game like the modern one Fall outs, which takes place in an alternative timeline version of the Soviet Union where the robotics industry has grown. It looks crazy.
  • Somerville is one Limbo-as where you escape from aliens in the company of a dog.
  • Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, GSC Game World delayed its apocalyptic shooting game STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl from April 28 to December 8, 2022.

Two long-dormant Xbox series are also re-emerging. The Initiative, a new studio, is working on a restart of Perfectly dark. Playground Games, which just released the magnificent Forza Horizon 5 in November, has another record in Fable series of fantasy RPGs on the horizon. It’s someone’s guess if any of these games will be shown or not. (For what it’s worth, I would not be surprised if Playground shared some details about one Forza Horizon 5 expansion. Its predecessor, 2018 Forza Horizon 4SAW Fortune Island DLC just a few months after the main game was released.)

But the big one – the only Microsoft first-party studio that shares title billing with the Xbox – is Bethesda. Last month, Bethesda delayed its two biggest upcoming games: vampire shooter Redfalldeveloped by Change studio Arkane and an open world role-playing game for sandwich hunting Starfield. (Kotaku recently reported that Bethesda is no stranger to crunch and overwork, with the development of Fallout 76 It’s a particularly laborious process.) Originally scheduled for release on November 11, 2022, Starfield is now scheduled to be released during the first half of 2023. However, it has been going on for several years, and so far Bethesda has only shown …eight full seconds of game material.

You know what? Let’s face it. We do not see Starfield game. Bethesda will probably just announce another Skyrim port instead.

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