Are you flying from Dublin Airport?  Gasket candles can save some time

Are you flying from Dublin Airport? Gasket candles can save some time

IF YOU FLY out of Dublin Airport this holiday, you’ll probably be anxious to get through your bag and safety on time.

Long queues at the airport last weekend resulted in about 1,000 people missing their flight, and while operator DAA has promised to prevent a recurrence, travelers may wonder how they can avoid the worst delays.

If you can skip the check-in luggage and manage with just a 10 kg check-in bag, you will be able to avoid the bag’s drop queue and go straight to safety. Air and Travel Magazine editor Eoghan Corry says 10kg of suitcases are surprisingly spacious: “The main thing is just [to] use the bag – for clothes, push them out to the corners. “

Shoes, says Corry, can significantly increase the weight of a case, so think about whether you can settle for just the pair you wear to the airport. Pack what to wear, not what you can wear: do not pack for “eventualities”, Corry advises.

“Many people forget that they have stores in other countries,” he laughs. “You can find almost everything cheaper [abroad] than you can in Ireland. ”

“Instead of thinking in advance: ‘Oh, I might need this’, go out and assume you do not need it and if you need it you can buy it and take it back.

Hair dryers and straighteners are among the worst perpetrators of items thrown in a suitcase if needed. Check if your accommodation is already equipped with them. The same goes for washing facilities: if you can wash it abroad, you can wear it twice and pack fewer clothes.

The DAA has said it will introduce “stops” outside the terminals for passengers arriving earlier than recommended. These areas will have poor weather protection, seating and toilets in the storage area as soon as possible after testing this system during the weekend in June.

And even though you may be trying to avoid getting caught in the rain in these living areas, keep in mind that if you bring a coat, you will need to unpack it. Corry says: “We have a great capacity to take coats with us, big coats, which we very often carry to the airports and from the airports in Ireland and never use when we are abroad.”

Check-in bags

If you need to check in a suitcase, Aer Lingus has recommended that passengers check in online before arriving at the airport. If your flight departs between 05:30 and 8:00, you can leave your bags the night before, between 16:00 and 19:45.

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The advice to passengers flying from Dublin Airport in the coming period is to arrive at the airport at least two and a half hours before departure for short-haul flights to Europe and the UK and at least three and a half hours for long-haul flights.

If passengers have checked in luggage, they are advised to add an hour to these times.


The DAA has been briefed by the public and politicians across the queues, with Higher Education Minister Simon Harris warning that there will have to be “consequences” if the DAA’s plan to resolve the situation does not work.

“It’s a plan that involves the proper triaging of people at the airport and that must be done, by the way, in a respectful and dignified manner. This idea of ​​leaving people, especially people in need of care, elderly people, who do not, excuse the pun, fly, said the Minister.

When DAA CEO Dalton Phillips spoke at the Oireachta Transport Committee on Wednesday, he was repeatedly asked if he could “guarantee” that people would not miss their flights this coming weekend. Philips said it had a “high level of confidence” that this would not happen.
“If passengers are going to listen for the two and a half hours, I’m sure of our plans,” he said.

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