Among Us VR: Release dates, trailers, gameplay and more |  Digital trends

Among Us VR: Release dates, trailers, gameplay and more | Digital trends

We have called for an emergency meeting, not because a body has been found, but because a whole new way of cheating and deceiving your friends is on the way. Among us was a sleeping hit that did not actually reach mainstream success until years after its first launch. Thanks to the fact that some high-profile streamers brought it up, this simple social deduction game became so big so quickly that the developers interrupted their work with the sequel to add more support to the bass game.

Even if it’s not a sequel, there will be a new way to experience the thrill of knowing that one of your crewmates is a cheater with Among Us VR. As the name suggests for this 2D game not only into the third dimension, but also into the virtual reality. It is a big change of perspective and immediately spices up the flow of the game. If you are curious about what else can be changed and what details are available on how it will all work, we have produced all the information you need to know about Among Us VR.

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Release date

A red crewmate in Among Us VR.

Among Us VR will be released sometime during the 2022 holiday period. It is not very specific but would usually mean somewhere in November or December.


Among Us VR is, and this should come as no surprise, a VR-exclusive title. To play it, you need one of the following headsets: Meta Quest, Playstation VR, or Steam-compatible VR headsets (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Valve Index). It is possible that other VR devices will get it in the future, but at the moment these are your options for getting behind the visor of a crew member or cheater.


The trailer opens on a yellow bean crew mate walking through a corridor before cutting to a first-person perspective. They approach a panel and begin the task with new VR motion controls. As it charges, the two other crew members hear pass by and turn their heads to catch a glimpse of them talking.

The trailer ends with a meeting where all crew members stand around a table, arguing and fluttering with their disembodied arms while yellow simply spins his fingers and tries to look innocent. The scene intersects with everyone else staring straight at yellow.

The cycle is repeated by yellow who does a task, two others pass by and one is killed, and an ever smaller meeting is held with suspicion directed directly at an unconscious yellow. It eventually comes when red approaches and bites off the top half of yellow, leaving him or her as a ghost.

As Among Us, Among Us VR will not have its own story, but will instead be about the stories you and your friends create in each individual match.


Two crewmates stand over a dead body in Among Us VR.

Among Us VR will be built on the same core mechanics in the original game but obviously adapted for VR. As a crew member, you will still run around Skeld, complete tasks, try not to die and hold meetings to try to determine who the fraudster is.

The transition to first person and the use of motion controls will be the biggest changes. We see in the trailer that your field of vision will be much more limited than it was in the original game where you played from a third-person perspective. But now you can also more easily ignore your task just by turning your head. All the data we have seen involves interaction with panels via motion controls, which will probably feel much more new to do than it looks on video.

Fraudsters will still be able to sneak through valves and sabotage data to create discord between crew members.

Finally, you will be able to make small hand gestures during meetings to try to point out fraudsters or throw the suspicion away from yourself. It will not help much if you have been caught right away, but it will give more life and personality to the most social part of the game.


Green crew mate points to yellow crew mate in Among Us VR.

Just like the first game, Among Us VR is exclusively a multiplayer game. It will support anywhere between four and 10 players, with one or more cheaters based on your settings.


First-person POV for a crew member pressing buttons on a control panel.

You can not really pre-order Among Us VR right now, probably because it does not have a fixed release date, but you have the option to add the game to your wishlist on either Meta Quest or Steam store page. When accurate pre-order information comes out, including price and other platforms, we will update you on these details.

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