What to expect from Summer Game Fest's major Not-E3 event

What to expect from Summer Game Fest’s major Not-E3 event

Geoff Keighley stands next to a mascot for Crash Bandicoot;  both wear masks.

Crash and Geoff Keighley pose for the first summer game party 2020.
Photo: Summer game party

With E3 2022 set, there is a vacuum at the heart of the video game marketing season. Many eyes are on Summer game party to be both the longest and the widest baler on the horizon. But the host, Geoff Keighley, recently saw fit to dampen expectations ahead of the show, saying it will not be in line with the “world premieres” for which his events have become famous.

Now in its third year, Summer Game Fest is both a unique event (a showcase with trailers from a wide range of video game publishers) and an advertising tool (a logo that is applied to every piece of video marketing from Memorial Day to Labor Day). It’s basically a way for Keighley to consolidate his life as the game’s hype god. But by all means – at least here – “Summer Games Party” refers to the showcase.

Where to look

The summer games party starts on Thursday 9 June at 14:00 ET. And if we can get a “RIP” for me and my mates, that would be great: A calendar list suggests that it will last for three hours. (Last year’s event ran for three and a half, but it also included the hour-long indie show “Day of the Devs”.) You can stream Summer Game Fest on Youtube, Jerkand Twitter. Or, if you really wants to see Kaiju Geoff, it airs at IMAX theaters in a few dozen cities across the country.

What to expect

During a Twitter Spaces held over the weekend, per a VGC transcription, Keighley went into full expectation management mode and said the program will primarily focus on games that have already been revealed. “We’re doing some good things for you, but definitely live up to your expectations when it comes to the megaton shocks you expect,” he said. “We have lots of good things to show you but the buyer beware of some of the crazy rumors I see out there when it comes to things that people expect to be announced.”

A child stares at incoming debris hurtling toward the surface in Planet of Lana.

Planet of Lana.
Screenshot: Thunderful

A reklamrulle– set to a cinematic remix of Halsey’s “Young God” – showed a glimpse of a variety of games, both upcoming and recently released, that will appear in some capacity. And a handful of publishers have already announced which of their titles will appear. Among other games you can expect to see:

  • ForsakenSquare Enix action-RPG is scheduled for a PS5 and PC release in October.
  • Sonic Frontierspretending to be Sonic Breath of the Wild but really only looks like an Unreal tech demo.
  • Horizon Forbidden West. The open-world game has been out for months on PlayStation and has seen several significant updates, so maybe this heralds news of an expansion?
  • The Limbo-inspired Lanas planet will have a gaming deal.
  • The tactical game Marvel’s midnight sunwhich was originally planned for spring 2022 but has since postponed until the autumn. It currently has no release date.
  • Developer Infinity Ward will show the first level from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2s campaign.
  • More gameplay from Callisto Protocolwhich had a short space below Sony’s not-E3 State of Play event.
  • The story of the ring: Golluman adventure game scheduled for September 1, exactly one day before the Amazon LotR the premiere of the show.
  • Gotham Knights. Last month, WB Games developed released a 13-minute gameplay video together with an announcement that it had abolished the previous versions.
  • The milling roller showed a clip in a fraction of a second Starfieldalthough I imagine Microsoft will save the meat of Bethesda’s role-playing game for the Xbox tent event on Sunday.
  • In addition, apparently was called some game Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be there? No idea what it’s about, but I would not be surprised if the game involves lifting weights at dawn, co-producing about half of Hollywood’s blockbuster production, and take advantage of America’s broad political divide for a potential election as president one day.

What to hope for (but not hold your breath)

Yes, everyone in the world wants news God of War Ragnarök, the sequel to Santa Monica Studios restart 2018 of the action series. First, Sony already had its big PlayStation event of the season (focused on third-party games, but still). For another, in recent years, Sony has turned to revealing information about its first-party production via dedicated livestreams with shorter run times. Sure, it can show up, but do not get your hopes up too much.

That Starfield, Bethesda’s first extensive role-playing game in 10,000 years, is among those teased for Summer Game Fest is curious. Although it was planned for a release date of November 11, 2022, Bethesda recently delayed Starfield that until the first part of 2023. One would think that Microsoft would stick to all its first-party blockbusters for its own big press, scheduled for Sunday afternoon. But I guess with more than two dozen first-party studios under its umbrella, the Xbox probably has plenty of other stuff – possibly even some unannounced games – to show off, so it could let its largest known number go to Summer Game Fest with a bit to lose.

EA is one of the publishers collaborating with Summer Game Fest, so some of the games in its pipeline—like Skating 4– could potentially show up. Remarkably, some massive publishers that usually have a big showing during the E3 season, including Nintendo and Ubisoft, are not on the list of partners. A representative of Ubisoft told Axios it will avoid Summer Game Fest in favor of something “later this year.” Nintendo has meanwhile been radio silent.

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