Everything we know about Scorn |  Digital trends

Everything we know about Scorn | Digital trends

Horror fans have have been waiting for the release of the promising, crowdfunded Contempt games for a long time: Alpha movies debuted back in 2014 and showed a strong HR Giger atmosphere that had players (and Alien fans) eager to experience exactly what the mysterious title had to offer.

It took some time, but it seems that fans of patience finally see that the wait pays off. Contempt has had its most promising release date ever, and 2022 is the year we will see it released. Here is everything we know.

Release Date

A single skeleton statue surrounded by female statues with glowing red bellies in a scary temple.

Contempts first official release date was during the latter half of 2021. Due to the pandemic and other factors, it did not happen. We now have a new launch date for October 21, 2022, announced at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 12: In a Update March 2022Ebb Software confirmed that the game is still about to launch in time, with ongoing work to complete the levels.


Contempt is scheduled for Xbox Series X and Series S, and will appear on Day One on Xbox Game Pass, supports 4K resolution at 60 fps. Ebb Software’s CEO, Ljubomir Peklar, has referred to ensuring that the game will work smoothly on all devices. This probably ensures that Xbox Cloud Gaming does not create any problems if gamers want to play on their computers or compatible mobile devices. Even though it is called exclusively for Xbox, there are still signs that the title will be released on Steam and Epic as well. But it is not expected to appear on PlayStation, Switch, etc.


The Xbox Games Showcase also released a new and, probably, last trailer for Scorn that shows the game in action we had never seen before – including how biologically disruptive the game can be.


Screenshot from Scorn.

Contempt described as having a “living maze” of levels to explore, filled with that HR Giger-inspired scare symbolized by disturbing biological forms and twisted human figures. Each level has its own themes and characters.

Although exploration is key here, the developers say there is more to the game than a walking simulator. Puzzles include overcoming physical barriers, dealing with grotesque creatures and trying to solve logical problems when your surroundings are … hostile. The character who explores these ruins seems humanoid, but their relationship to this eerie world – and the sacrifices they must make to survive in it – is still unclear.

Classified as a horror adventure, you can also expect some action in it Contempt. The team has referred to an “arsenal of weapons” that you will be able to use, probably to deal with the less pleasant creatures in the world, but we do not know much about them yet. The latest trailer shows the player fighting a monstrous dog-like creature in tunnels and a … giant tentacle, so we know there will be enemies of some significance. The team has indicated that not all enemies are designed to be defeated.

The latest updates from developers has several short videos you can watch to learn more, although they are very limited in what they show. There is little Myst-like puzzle solution, some scary doors opening, lots of crowded corridors, and that’s it so far.

Age recommendations

Screenshot from Scorn.

Contempts rating is still pending on the Xbox page, but Steam reports that it has received a Mature rating, which is not surprising. Monsters are designed to sneak you out, you blow up nightmare creatures with weapons and the environment is full of disturbing things. There are lots of disturbing images, from pulling an adult-sized umbilical cord out of your stomach to grossly modifying your body as you make progress. Think of a suitable age for something similar Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Bioshock and you will probably be close.


Contempt is a single player game and no part of it is designed for multiplayer features.

Price and pre-order

If you promised Kickstarter money in the past, you’re still guaranteed a free copy. If you have a Game Pass subscription, you will be able to download Contempt free on the day of release. Otherwise, Scorn has announced pre-orders available for all its platforms, although some seem faster in the draw than others. Steam offers a 10% discount for pre-order right now.

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