on the left is a woman holding the Laserizer from Research and Destroy, in the middle is a man with the Quantum Modifier and on the right is a man with the Test Tube Launhcer

Research and destruction: Each weapon, ranked

In the world of Research and Destroy, the weapon you choose can be the difference between life and death. With nine strange and wonderful weapons to choose from, it can be difficult to make sure you choose the right and even the right combination between your three super researchers. It’s part of the charm and strategy that makes Research and Destroy such a fun alternative to XCOM 2.

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But with every gun has a bizarre name – what is even a hard light projector? – and a complicated description, it can be a disorienting experience to try to choose which one is best for you. Fortunately, we are here to explain the difference between a Tesserocket Launcher and a Higgs Boson Field Generator and determine which research and destruction weapon reigns.


9 Rocket Booster Launcher

By far the worst gun in the game is the Rocket Booster Launcher. Now you may be wondering how a gun with such a cool name – and frankly so much potential – can be the worst. Well, even though it sounds incredibly effective at blasting monsters, the Rocket Booster Launcher does more harm than good.

Due to the time pressure and limitations of every super scientist, Rocket Booster Launcher is fast becoming a game of chance. Will you aim at the enemy, or at your feet? Are you going to blow up a far away target, or yourself? Chances are good that it will be the latter in both cases, especially if you use the triple threat. Sure, in a jiffy it can be helpful to hit multiple enemies at once, but it’s not worth the pain. Trust us on this one.

8 Hard light projector

If there’s one thing a game about scientists trying to stop monsters from taking over the world needs, it’s a shotgun. Research and Destroy’s response to one of the most popular weapons in game history is the Hard Light Projector. This good-looking weapon blows scattered blocks of light at the enemy and causes serious damage.

Unfortunately, the Hard Light Projector simply does not live up to expectations of a shotgun. While it can do effective damage up close, it never does enough to completely kill some of the stronger monsters. This means that the risk of getting up close with a vampire – making sure you get a good slice of garlic bread first – is not really worth it.

7 Riftinator

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to open up cracks in space and time, pull objects out of those cracks and throw them at zombies? No? Just us? That’s okay because Research and Destroy satisfy our bizarre thoughts. Enter the aptly named Riftinator, a gun that feels like Matthew McConaughey is on the other side of a spacesuit, trying to send us a Morse code message.

While Riftinator is a very creative gun and really reminds us why Research and Destroy is one of the best turn based RPGs on PS4 it’s just not very fun to use. It is clumsy, often inefficient and confusing from the start to justify returning to a later mission. When there are so many other stronger and easier weapons to use, why would you care about Riftinator?

6 Plasma Thrower

Research and Destroy has weapons that open cracks in space and time, launch explosive test tubes and even fire small nuclear weapons. So it would only make sense that it would have a flamethrower because as everyone knows, burning a werewolf alive is the best method to kill it. Forget silver bullets and inserts for the heart, sweet sweet fire is where it is.

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Of course, the flamethrower – sorry, Plasma Thrower – in Research and Destroy is mediocre at best. Its one useful feature is to leave a trail of fire or ice for enemies to run through and get a little damaged by. Unfortunately, even this does not do much damage, nor does it affect an area large enough to damage the enemy. Sure, if you love setting fire to zombies, then the Plasma Throw can be fun. But realistically, it is not worth your time.

5 Laserizer

Research and Destroy can get a little crazy and crazy with its choice of weapons and gadgets. But for those who prefer a more traditional shooter, you’m in luck because the Laserizer is your standard rifle. Its base position fires laser at your enemy in quick succession, while its second position turns it into a sniper rifle.

Honestly, although the Laserizer is an effective weapon, and definitely a good choice to start with, it’s just a little boring. With so many creative weapons available in the game, why would you want to choose a gun as simple as Laserizer? We can not really rank it lower because it is good at its job. But honestly, you will have a lot more fun with virtually all other weapons.

4 Test Tube Launcher

Much like the Laserizer, the Test Tube Launcher feels like a pretty standard weapon. Based on a grenade launcherTest Tube Launcher fires an explosive round which is then divided into three more explosions. Its other firing options also create a very practical shield that can block projectiles.

What makes the Test Tube Launcher stand out – besides, you know, all these big and bright explosions – is how fun it is to use. Lining up shots so that they do not hit one but four goals is extremely satisfying. Each explosion is also likely to launch an enemy into the air, so it’s incredibly useful for slowing down on approaching enemies. All in all, it is an extremely useful pistol and a welcome addition to the arsenal of all super scientists.

3 Tesserocket Launcher

Although all previously listed weapons are useful to some extent, realistically, the following three weapons are what you should have in your charges. The Tesserocket Launcher takes everything well with the other firers and creates one of the most devastating guns in the game.

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With the ability to choose how big the explosion will be and how far away it will happen, this gun offers you a level of strategy and freedom that no other launch vehicle really does. It is this level of accuracy – as long as you are careful and do not blow up your own allies – that makes it such an incredibly fun gun to use.

2 Higgs Boson Field Generator

If you want a gun that will hit multiple enemies at once and is effective at both near and far distances, choose the brilliant Higgs Boson Field Generator. This wonderful weapon launches a huge ball of energy that damages everything caught in it. While enemies caught in the outer edge of the ball will take less damage, everything hit by its center will explode into small pieces – and small pieces are such a fun word.

Its secondary firing position is a bit risky but ridiculously overpowered. It launches a large ball of energy that flies between enemies for a limited time and damages each of them. It’s great for crowd control, can take out large groups of weaker enemies with one or two shots. Honestly, if you do not have the Higgs Boson Field Generator equipped, then you are playing the wrong game with Research and Destroy.

1 The quantum modifier

Quantum Modifier is by far the best gun in Research and Destroy and for good reason. Its primary shooting mode sees you deal huge amounts of damage to not just one, but several enemies at once. If that’s not good enough for you, then use its secondary firing mode that can heal any of your other super researchers at fast speed.

You can also heal your partner with it too, if you feel like being a good friend of course. It just adds the extra layer of interaction with other players and makes Research and Destroy real one of the best co-op games on the Xbox Game Pass. Overall, with the ability to deal huge amounts of damage to multiple enemies and to heal your allies extremely quickly, it seems like a simple thing to have this gun equipped.

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