Elden Ring YouTuber accused of having mistranslated Latin for impact

Elden Ring YouTuber accused of having mistranslated Latin for impact

The Souls games and recent entry, Elden Ring, deserves most of the praise they have received over the years, but the society around them can sometimes be a little overzealous. Now a small but growing Elden Ring lore channel has been accused of having mistranslated (or perhaps even fabricated) the Latin texts for various boss themes from the game. And even though the case seems pretty open and closed – at least to my ears – it’s really one of the weirdest video game clashes I’ve seen in a while.

Dead language? – The YouTuber in question is named Daniel Olmos. In the last week or so, Olmos has uploaded four videos with a main theme from Elden Ring CHEESE, accompanied by “fan-translated” lyrics (from Latin) that they have apparently been able to distinguish from listening to the soundtrack over and over again.

It did not take long for these texts to go viral on online gaming forums like Elden Ring subreddit, where one of the videos received more than 25,000 votes. But yesterday, a Redditor who goes by “Magister Organi” pointed out some problems with Olmo’s translation on subreddit, and said that the chorus in the soundtrack is just nonsense Latin syllables generated by music software.

According to the above post, Magister Organi was banned from Elden Ring subreddit for this post, apparently for “witch hunt.” The above viral posts were also removed, but several other translations (which appear to have been posted by Olmos himself) remainalbeit with only a few votes each.

Too good to be true – You can listen to the video above and decide for yourself. For my money, regardless of any mistakes in the Latin translation – which Olmos fully acknowledges in the video description – it is quite clear that the “texts” are really just random faux-Latin syllables designed more to create an epic feel rather than conveying hidden lore details. (Either way, it’s pretty funny that Olmos apparently heard Godrick call himself a “dwarf behind everyone else in the rise.” Exactly, if nothing else.)

But it seems a bit urgent to accuse Olmos of deliberately mistranslating these lyrics for attention rather than considering the possibility that YouTubers only heard what they wanted to hear and then used Google Translate to make it sound credible to fans.

Endless cycles – As a Souls I’m a fanatic myself, I’m sorry to say that this is not the first time a fan has tried to translate texts from the main theme. Years ago, there was a smaller community fraction over Sir Alonne’s chief theme from Dark Souls 2, and you can find videos that pretend to be show the presumed texts on YouTube even today.

However, there is a basis for this in FromSoft’s previous games. Miyazaki’s masterpiece, Bloodborne, has the same Latin-sounding choir support for its themes as Souls games, but it seems that they actually mean something in the dead language. Also, if you listen videos on YouTube showing these translations actually sounds like the texts on the screen, and they relate to the game’s lore. Yes, Bloodborne continues to be the best in ways you did not even know about.

Confusing stuff even more, but there’s at least one song in it Elden Ring which is absolutely in Latin, and it even has a legitimate translation to follow. You may have noticed that in some parts of the game the bat mothers sing a horrible song to themselves. (Personally, I took it for an NPC song, and I got an asshole that the bat’s kids tried to hear the whole song.) That song is actually in Latin, and it describes certain aspects of the game’s world structure, albeit in a very general way. .

Oh, Miyazaki, will you ever stop conjuring us?

For more on Elden Rings lore, check out why its evil ways are worth exploring, unlike any other RPG out there. At least that distracts fans from arguing about its supposed “.easy mode“- for five minutes, that is.

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