My girl almost "suffocated to death" on the Primark bowl from Stacey Solomon's range

My girl almost “suffocated to death” on the Primark bowl from Stacey Solomon’s range

A MOTHER claims that her baby was almost “suffocated to death” when a PRIMARK BOWL from Stacey Solomon’s children’s series was “sucked” on her face.

Cheryl Drummond from Scotland filled the bowl – from Stacey Solomon’s Little Pickle line – with chocolate and gave it to 17-month-old Kaleah Drummond to keep her busy on May 16.

One mother claims that her baby almost


A mother claims that her baby was almost “suffocated to death” when a PRIMARK BOWL from Stacey Solomon’s children’s series “sucked” on her faceCredit: Kennedy News
She claims that it was this dish that caused the fear


She claims that it was this dish that caused the fearCredit: Kennedy News

When the 28-year-old mother was shopping in the kitchen, she heard a thump and rushed back into the living room.

She found her daughter on her back and struggled to pull the orange bowl from her face – and only got it off thanks to her fake nails.

As Kaleah became more and more desperate, Cheryl struggled to separate the bowl from her daughter’s face – claiming that it acted as a “flask” because it was silicone and became denser with each breath she took.

The mother says it was only thanks to her fake nails that she could finally break the seal and remove the object from her daughter’s face.

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Once she managed to remove it, Cheryl says the bowl had left her daughter in tears with a red mark on her face and claims that her tot has since been “petrified” by the dish.

The mother of three is now urging Primark to launch an investigation into the product and to resize it, as she believes its oval shape was too tight around Kaleah’s face.

Full-time mom Cheryl took the issue to Primark but got angry when she saw that the dealer was still selling the bowl in Stacey Solomon’s latest line.

Primark said that the product range was tested independently and met “EN standards for children’s feeding articles”, but confirmed that they were investigating the incident.

Cheryl, from Glasgow, Lanarkshire, said: “I just got back from a big store. I gave Kaleah the bowl of some chocolate while I was shopping.

“She was in the living room, I was in the kitchen. They are basically the same room.

“I heard the bang and saw that she had fallen back. She had tried to lick the bottom of the bowl as all children do.

“She was sitting on the laminate floor. That was one of the reasons I heard – she hit her head when she fell backwards and tried to pull the bowl from her face, and then she kicked her feet off the floor.

The mother says she gave her daughter some food to eat from the bowl


The mother says she gave her daughter some food to eat from the bowlCredit: Kennedy News

“Her mouth and nose were in that bowl, there was no room for her to breathe.

“I could not see her face, and she panicked. She tried to cry but her breath became tighter with each second that it was sucked into her face.

“The bowl is made of silicone so it is like a piston. Every breath she created, the bowl became denser.

“Thank goodness I managed to get my nails under the bowl and pull it away from her face. It was attached so tightly that it left a big red mark around her face.

“The bowl was on her face for between 45 seconds and a minute. It does not sound like a very long time but at the moment it feels like it.

“I had the dish for two months before this. There had never been any problems with it before.

She claims her daughter could have


She claims her daughter could have been “strangled to death”Credit: Kennedy News

“The worst case scenario in my eyes was that she could have suffocated to death.

“Usually I put on my Alexa to play music while I put away my shopping. But thankfully that day I did not do it so I could hear the noise. Someone looked down at us that day.

“It took me until the next day before I could write a post about it on Facebook. I had to gather my thoughts.

“We all know life is short, but my life could have been completely different.”

Cheryl went back to Primark on Argyle Street, Glasgow, to raise the issue with them.

Cheryl said: “I went to Primark the next day and I talked to someone. They seemed very helpful at the time and gave me the email to the head office.

“I emailed and they said there would be an investigation. But then I saw the new one Stacey Solomon range had come out and they were still selling the dish.

“Primark should recall the bowl and initiate an investigation, they must change the size of the bowl”

“I made another complaint in the store and the employee was not very helpful at first. She was quite alert and insisted that it was a new series. It was the same bowl, but in a different color.

“She took my information and sent it to the head office. However, they were not helpful or apologetic, they just reached out and asked for my version of events and a photo of my bowl.

“I explained that I did not know how to send pictures via e-mail on my new phone. I have not heard from me since.”

Cheryl wants the bowl to be redone to avoid any problems in the future.

Cheryl said: “The bowl is still exactly the same size which is my problem. It’s an oval shape so it’s the perfect size for her little face to fit into.

“I also think it was a silicone material that made it harder to get rid of her face.

“Thank goodness I had loose nails that day and they helped me get the bowl loose. I don’t think I could have removed it otherwise.

“Primark should recall the bowl and start an investigation, they must change the size of the bowl. If it was smaller or larger, it would not be a problem.

“I would not want anyone to go through this and experience a different result than what we did.

“Thank goodness I had loose nails that day and they helped me loosen the bowl”

“I will not buy anything for children from Primark again, especially if there is a risk of suffocation.

“Obviously if anyone was worried they would have listened. But the bowls are still on the shelf.”

A Primark spokesman said: “We were very concerned to hear about this customer’s experience.

“Each Primark product range is tested independently to ensure that relevant safety standards are met, including those that meet the EN standards for children’s feeding articles.

“But we take security complaints very seriously, follow up on everyone and are in contact with the customer to investigate it completely.”

Stacey Solomon was contacted for comment.

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