Important tips for installing your new iPhone - AppleMagazine

Important tips for installing your new iPhone – AppleMagazine

Congratulations! You’ve been saving for a while and are now on your way back from the store after paying for your new iPhone. Maybe you will record an unboxing video, or better yet, livestream it! Regardless, it is important to set it up so that it better serves its purpose after you have finished playing with the features of your new smartphone. Here are six basic and very useful tips that may come in handy when configuring.

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Juice it up and place your sim card

When it’s tempting to play with your new toy, check the battery level before setting it up. You can either put the iPhone away while it is charging 100% or, if you are too eager, you can set it up while it is charging. The handset must have one healthy the cost and is usually more than 50%.

It is important that you set up your SIM card in its dedicated slot before setting up iOS. The box is equipped with the necessary tool to insert the SIM card. If you lost, you can always buy a cheap kit online or have it done by a local handset store.

Log in to your account to customize all features

All smart devices greet their new users with a brief walkthrough to instruct you on the installation process. It varies on different smartphones. But the first thing a smartphone requires you to do is log in to your accounts. The process is not mandatory and you can just as easily skip it. However, it is not recommended to do so because logging in to your account connects your new iPhone to your existing devices. The next step is to visit the App Store, similar to the well-known one Google Play Store so you can fill your new iPhone with games and all the necessary applications. Once all your preferred apps have been installed and your contact list is filled, your logged in account will sync and fill them with the necessary data automatically.

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Set a password and enable security features

Now that your new iPhone is loaded with the necessary data and apps, you should take steps to prevent unauthorized access to it. Your iPhone is the state-of-the-art security enclave for Face ID or Touch ID and comes with a built-in security-dedicated processor inside the A-chip. These include setting up a lock screen that can be a unique pin, pattern or password.

Professional tips: Activate the backup function on your new smartphone. If it is ever stolen, lost or broken, you have access to your data in the cloud.

Check the data settings

You’ve already spent a ton on your new iPhone, and it would not be good news if you were to receive an invoice for a mobile subscription a few months later. To be on the safe side, it is always better to check the settings for data usage. Check out the apps that will use most of them and disable the use for apps you do not need.

Professional tips: While in the data usage settings, be sure to set a limit a little below your monthly plan. The smartphone will send a message when you maximize the limit!

Customize the notifications

iOS loves to notify you of every single update. After setting the basics, go to the message center in the settings and customize it to your liking. Even if it feels good from the beginning, the function not only becomes annoying but drains the battery quickly. Be sure to turn it off or change it according to your needs, it is a one-time set.

Professional tips: Set custom songs for specific callers. You do not even have to look at the phone to know who is calling you.

Enable location services

Although many will advise you against it as it is one of the biggest contributors to iPhone running out of battery too fast, enabling location services can save your device in times of need. If your phone ever gets stolen or lost, all you have to do is log in to your account and track its location.

In addition, the function comes in handy when the “Photos” app catalogs your memories. If you are a frequent traveler, your photos will be tagged with specific locations. They will be organized automatically according to the websites they visited.

Now that you’ve set up your new iPhone, it’s time to take advantage of its many features. You will no longer be bothered by hundreds of notifications about logging in to the device or activating instructions for specific applications. iOS will maintain itself according to your instructions.

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