Week in review - 19 June 2022

Week in review – 19 June 2022


The Week in Review is a collection of all the good things I wrote during the last week on the internet, as well as a small pile of links that I found interesting – generally related to endurance sports. I have often wondered what to do with all the coolness that people write, and at the same time I share a lot of it on Twitter and Facebook, this is a better forum to pass it on to you. Most of the time these different streams do not overlap, so keep an eye on all these places for good stuff!

So with that, let’s get into the action!

DCR posts in the last week:

I tried to be on vacation the last week with the family. That attempt worked for the most part, saving all the videos I recorded there that I need to finish editing. Still, a post slipped out:

Wednesday: Strava adds video support: This is how it works!

Get ready for a storm of things this week, mainly focused on in-depth testing of new things / concepts.

YouTube video last week:

Here’s what hit the tubes on You of Tube, definitely do not forget to subscribe there to receive video notifications the second they hit!

Things I found interesting about Interwebs:

Here is a not so small piece of all the random things I stumbled upon when I did my civic duty to find the end of the internet:

1) Interview about Sports Tech and Drone Review: I’ve given a lot of interviews over the years, but this might be one of my favorites! I think mainly because it’s so different from everyone else I’ve done. Much of the discussion here revolves around drones and sports-following applications. But as you can see, from the chapters below, there are lots of other topics we cover. Good times of course!

Here are all the chapters for the video / interview above:

0:00 Introduction
00:59 What made you start your blog and start reviewing sports equipment?
06:01 What are the differences in audience between your sports content and your drone content?
11:59 Where do you see the tracking technology heading in the future?
16:07 How do you go about reviewing drones?
8:42 How do you keep track of the regulations in all the places you fly?
22:45 Do you buy all the products you review?
25:23 What made you choose to move to Amsterdam?
28:24 Do you film everything yourself?
32:31 Have you ever encountered a product so bad that you do not review it?
36:21 What do you think happened to the Mavic 3 Release?
38:10 Do you think DJI has become greedy in recent years?
45:04 How do you remember all the specifications for all the different products you are reviewing?
47:19 Can you tell us about your wind test videos?
51:07 Are you hoping for a Phantom 5?
56:03 What do you think of Remote ID in the US?
01:05:07 What is your favorite drone?

2) The surfboard’s smart fins collect oceanic data: This seems pretty cool. It is partly the surfers’ GPS (‘What did I do?’), And partly the collection of environmental data for researchers. Of course, this kind of thing tends to need to be adopted by a critical mass to start being useful to researchers, but … has to start somewhere.

3) Red Bull Cliff Diving in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower: This is cool. Would have been cooler if I had been in town (missed it by a few weeks). But still, great background for it.

4) How they got those dive shots: This is not at all what I expected. I assumed that a drone was involved, but apparently not (getting a drone permit in Paris is incredibly difficult, though not impossible for an operation like this).

5) Peloton’s machine learning engine for training recommendations: This is definitely on the nerdier side, but so are many of you. Like, this is full geek-broadcast with database structures and more. (via PeloBuddy)

6) Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 may have fast charging: Somehow I think we will see many companies take the step up on the fast charging front in the next 12 months. We saw Apple take solid steps last year with the Apple Watch Series 7. We saw Garmin address it more recently in some of the Venu 2 series last year, as well as other smaller brands. Across the market, it’s still not where it needs to be, but it’s on its way there.

7) A look at how DJI found the Mini 3 Pro for 250g: This is remarkable mainly for the details DJI has given about this drone with regard to technical decisions. In the past, they rarely described this type of detail in any public way. In some ways, this is a bit like what we see with the Peloton above – where once you start gaining market dominance, you see companies pushing the boundaries of things (software or hardware), beyond just basic technology. Which is not to say that other companies do not do the same, but when I look at different market categories, there is often a point where you go “Yep, they have gone from being barely ahead of the competition, to just simply being proud of the.”

With that, thanks for reading!

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