How to sync contacts between an iPhone and iPad

How to sync contacts between an iPhone and iPad

Apple’s iCloud offers different ways to sync data between multiple devices. For example, it can synchronize contacts and store the information in the cloud.

Apples iCloud offers a variety of cloud services that allow users to store, manage and access data on multiple devices. One of the more useful features is iCloud Contacts, which syncs all the information associated with a contact – including names, phone numbers and addresses – throughout iCloud. The company’s cloud service is embedded in its products and services, like iMessage and FaceTime. So the chances are high that if someone has used an Apple device, they have an Apple ID and a corresponding iCloud account. However, Apple allows users to individually enable and disable iCloud sharing settings, so iCloud contacts may not be configured yet. Either way, it’s easy to turn on the setting with just a few steps.


In recent years, Apple has taken a step into subscription services in an effort to earn continuous revenue from its customers. Some of the more popular services include Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple Fitness. However, iCloud is no exception to this enterprise-wide transition to subscription services. At the 2021 Worldwide Developers Conference, held every year in June, Apple announced that a more premium version of iCloud would be released at an additional cost. The service was called iCloud +, and prices range from $ 0.99 to $ 9.99 per month. Unlike some of Apple’s other subscriptions, there are plenty of features available with iCloud for free, and iCloud Contacts is one of them.

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First, what is iCloud contacts? The feature ensures that all a user’s contact information, which can be stored on multiple devices, is available on any device. If someone owns an iPhone, an iPad and a Mac, there is a good chance that some contact information has not reached their other devices. This is exactly where iCloud contacts fit into Apple’s ecosystem. When iCloud Contacts is enabled, all contact information added to a device will automatically access the rest. Since most Apple devices can send iMessages and make FaceTime calls even without a mobile connection, it’s important to ensure that contacts are synchronized between devices. When configuring iCloud contacts for the first time, everyone can contact information stored on multiple devices is added to iCloud, unite the collection of contacts.

How to set up iCloud contacts

How to log out of iCloud on Mac

Users can enable iCloud contacts from an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac, but contacts stored on a desktop can take an extra step to get started. On an iOS or iPadOS device, start by opening the Settings app and clicking on the user’s name at the top of the page. Then tap the “Cloud” bar in the center of the screen. On this page, users can view and change the iCloud settings enabled and disabled with individual switches. Then scroll down until the “Contacts” line appears and press the slider so that it turns green. A prompt appears asking the user if they want to merge their contacts to iCloud or cancel the operation. If you select “Merge”, all are imported contacts stored on individual devices to iCloud.

Some contacts stored on Macs may not be automatically imported into the cloud after iCloud contacts are set up. This is for that Macs differentiate where data is stored by entering it as ‘On My Mac’ or in ‘iCl0ud Drive.’ According to Apple Support. If the contact information is stored “On my Mac”, it will not be automatically added to iCloud. To check if certain contacts are not syncing between devices, open the Contacts app on Mac and drag all contacts from ‘On My Mac’ to ‘iCloud. ‘ This will add all connections to the cloud, making them available on all devices. It’s a handy feature for users who have multiple devices, and it’s easy to import contacts to new devices when it’s time for an upgrade.

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