Preparing Slack for Vacation

How to adjust your slack before going on vacation

Preparing for a vacation away from work used to mean you sent an email from the office and jumped off at sunset.

Now, with entire workforces communicating 24/7 via tools like Slack, there’s a little more to do before you pack your bags. How to set your Slack before you go on holiday.

Set a custom status

Status in Slack is nothing new, but did you know that you can also set a custom status for your holiday? To do so, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select Update your status.

Next, instead of using one of Slack’s advanced status updates, create your own. Use this space to let others know why you’re offline. The great thing about a custom status update is that you can use this space to let others know your absence dates, and you can also choose your own status emoji.

Set reminders to keep team members organized

Even though you may be away from your desk, there is no excuse for your colleagues to miss their deadlines. If there are tasks that you need your team members to complete before returning, then set reminders in Slack, so that they do not forget. To set reminders in Slack:

  1. Enter a chat and then select plus icon in the message box.
  2. Select remind from the menu.
  3. Then enter the details of your reminder in the box that follows.
  4. When you select create Slack will schedule your reminder.

3. Manage your message settings

Even though you may have told others that you are on vacation, they will probably still send you a message and you will still receive annoying messages.


If you want to disconnect from Slack completely while on vacation, remember to change your notification settings. There are two ways to ensure that you are not disturbed:

  1. You can pause your notifications until a certain date / time.
  2. You can turn off notifications completely in your settings.

How to pause Slack messages

To pause your Slack notifications during your vacation, click on your profile picture and then select Pause notifications. Go to Adjust the timeand then select Custom.

Here you can enter the date and time to resume Slack notifications. To use a belt and braces, you can also pair this with option 2.

How to turn off notifications in Slack

If you would rather just turn off all Slack notifications completely, go to your profile picture again, but this time select Settings. The Settings window opens in your notification settings, so all you have to do is select No under the title Let me know.

Now you should be able to enjoy your vacation without Slack interrupting your thoughts. Just remember that turn off notifications in OneDrive and all other job apps as well.

4. Use the mentions and reactions function when you are back

Finally, when you return from vacation, use Mentions & reactions function to get yourself updated again. You can find mentions and reactions at the top of the sidebar menu. In Mentions and Reactions, you will be able to see a brief list of all your mentions and any reactions to your posts.

You can also filter your mentions and reactions by going to the swap icon at the top right of the screen. Here you can also choose to see @kanal mentions.

Prepare for a relaxing holiday

With Slack, it’s easy to prepare for a relaxing holiday, and once you’ve turned off your notifications, set a status and issued any reminders, that’s all there is to it. Once you have these things in order, you will be ready for a relaxing vacation away from the stress of work.

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