Do you want the best battery life on your new phone?  Buy one of these in June 2022

Do you want the best battery life on your new phone? Buy one of these in June 2022

Best smartphones with battery life to buy in June 2022: iPhone 13 Pro Max, Galaxy S22 Ultra and Moto G52 are among the long-lasting smartphones.

Do you love battery life above all else? If the answer is yes, you have stumbled upon the right article. Although smartphones do everything in their power to replace your entertainment devices, battery life is an area where improvements are taking place quietly. Nowadays, it is normal for a smartphone to last a whole day and then leave some charge until the next morning. This is what consumers are most looking for, as most buyers prefer that their smartphone go further on one charge rather than hosting multiple stunts and dying fast.

Given that we have tested a number of smartphones in 2022, we have picked up our list of best smartphones that offer the best battery life. If you choose someone from this list, you are guaranteed to get good battery life even if you are not very careful. Some of these even satisfy when it comes to charging speeds, which makes it a bonus. Therefore, check out these smartphones that have impressed us with their battery life figures.

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Not the biggest battery on paper, but Apple’s class-leading optimization of software and hardware makes the iPhone 13 Pro Max the smartest phone that lasts the longest we’ve been testing lately. Even with heavy workloads involving photography and gaming, the iPhone 13 Pro Max can easily last a full day, leaving 20-30 percent battery life. And because the idle drain is minimal, you can wake up to 27 percent charge and continue the rest of the day with careful use. 20W Apple the charger takes almost 1.5 hours for a full charge but the long battery life is what makes this our battery master.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Snapdragon variant has proven to be a smartphone for the whole day, which is fantastic considering the wide range of features it has inside. A WQHD + 120Hz screen, an S Pen, some large cameras and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip at full load can only bring it down to zero at the end of the day. The support for 45W charging recharges the battery in just over an hour, which is not so bad.

Opo Reno 7 Pro 5G

To almost Rs. 40,000, the Oppo Reno 7 Pro 5G is a surprising battery master given its only focus on cameras and sleek design. Even though we had a MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chip at the helm, our team member was able to spend a full day using his cameras to their full capacity and doing the usual smartphone stuff; still left with 20-30 percent charge left – thanks to the aggressive software optimization. Reno 7 Pro also has a 65W fast wire charge that charges the battery from nothing in about 45 minutes.

iQOO Neo 6

iQOO Neo 6 is another surprise at Rs. 29 999. This is meant to be a gaming phone and gaming phones usually do not have good battery life. But the iQOO Neo 6 with its well-tuned Snapdragon 870 chip, an aggressive power management system and the 4700mAh battery makes the phone easily last for a day. The 80W charging solution charges all the time in about 45 minutes, which is fast enough to get started quickly.

Motorola Moto G52

Motorola tunes its battery best and on the Moto G52 you will surely get up to two days of battery life. A very energy-efficient Snapdragon 680 chip paired with well-optimized Android 12 and a 5000mAh battery keeps the Moto G52 running. You only get a slow 20W charger in the box, but the long battery life compensates for that. Moto G52 costs Rs. 13499.

Poco X4 Pro 5G

Poco X4 Pro 5G from Rs. 17499 is another battery master. Despite having a 120Hz AMOLED screen and a powerful Snapdragon 695 chip, the Poco X4 Pro with its 5000mAh battery is a fantastic phone to trust all day long. Poco even offers its fast 67W fast charging solution that makes a full charge in under 45 minutes.

Real me GT Neo 3 150W

Realme GT Neo 3 is another surprise battery pack. Although it has a powerful Dimensity 8100 chip, a 120Hz AMOLED screen and a 5000mAh battery, the phone manages to last a whole day and leave some until the next day. Although the battery life may not be the best here, its 150W charging solution fills it up in an instant. Is not that a good combination?

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