Motorola Razr 3's price is leaking

Motorola Razr 3’s price is leaking

Look at the New flip from Samsung it’s better Z flip ever.


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I would be impressed if Motorola can provide better hardware than the previous generation model and sell it at a lower price than before. It’s just a shame it will not have the distinctive design it used to.


Duck of death, 16 hours agoHowever, Samsung has not announced any prices for the Flip 4 models. Remember what they did … MoreI think they will lower the price. Reports are that they want to send 15 million collapsible units. I did not hear it from Samsung so I will not hold them for speculation and then nag about them next year if they do not reach those numbers, but they have to lower the price if they want to get collapsible in the hands of more consumers.


399 or € 1,399? It’s a … joke, right?!?


However, Samsung has not announced any prices for the Flip 4 models. Do you remember what they did last year? Everyone, including TCL, expected another € 1,500 phone and they gave all competitors the middle finger with a $ 1,000 phone? Do you remember how they combined expensive stuff with it and discounted it all the time throughout the year and still made record revenues?

If Motorola feels safe with a € 1,149 starting price, I have a feeling they are expecting a nasty surprise. Wild guess: The Flip4 models will start at less than 800 euros.


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Anonymous, June 17, 2022Really? Have you actually owned a collapsible? It’s almost two years since I came home from work … MoreI mean, it will work well if used with caution. Any phone. But that’s the whole point. I’m not too careful with my devices and that’s why it must be well built


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Long live the king


Anonymous, 23 hours agoMotorola only provides 1 major Android update and 2 years of security updates with phone that probably … MoreHere in Spain, the Z Flip 3 has dropped even below € 600! Up to 450 € once iirc


Although I’m not particularly fond of the whole “foil” craze, the only one who has my preferences so far is Oppo Find N (totally dependent on reviews from the lucky ones who had one). The size is right for me as well as the battery compartment with an wurthy autonomy of the name, no creases at all and as far as I saw a damn good hinge mechanism. Soon, the second gene (or rather the gene aimed at global release) will be out. Curious to see it and its selling price. Among the Samsung, I had the opportunity to play a bit with both (flip and foil). It feels good at hand but the battery … especially flip one is not my cup of tea regardless of fast charging shizzle. Having to carry one just to get by one day is not my idea of ​​a tool that is meant to be used for a decent amount of time. I’m still a guy from the old days with stupid phones who have juice for several days on a single charge. Nowadays you are lucky if you get two full days. Of course, the old technology can not be compared to today’s power packages.

They should come with a design like the original RAZR, flip 4.5-inch OLED screen and keypads, Android OS


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Motorola only gives 1 big Android update and 2 years of security updates with phone which will probably be worse than Samsung Galaxy flip 4 which is much cheaper and will also be sold next year for a good discount (I have seen gen 3 flip 850 euros and with Samsung’s excellent software updates, it will get much longer updates than this Motorola even if you buy it a year or two later!


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Anonymous, June 17, 2022Foldable is a gimmick. Sustainability is a joke in these thingsReally? Have you actually owned a collapsible? It’s almost two years since I got my Fold2 from work. I treat it the same way I treated all my previous phones (which included several iPhones, Galaxies and Sony) and I see no difference. Yes, the internal screen is more sensitive but the phone is closed when you carry it, so it is actually more protected than the average phone.

The mechanism is robust as when I bought it and the crease is there, but this is mostly aesthetics and not in any way sustainability related. Again, if you get your kicks by scratching your phones with needles and screwdrivers, then you’re right, folding is a gimmick.

In the meantime, I use my Fold for video calling, text and excel editing, media consumption, without any problems, to enjoy the huge screen. The only practical downside I see is in the camera department, but it’s a business phone, so productivity is the primary use.


The rocker phone can be better for watching movies and less multi tasking. But the internal screen proportion and the outer screen size must be ideal.
The camera’s quality, battery, pricing, durability, flexibility when switching between screens and extra functions such as IP resistance or stylus support etc can determine how many more people migrate to flip phones.


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Foldable is a gimmick. Sustainability is a joke in these things


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I would rather buy premium mid ranger and the rest I spend on PC upgrade.


Razr 5G has been an experience to forget. I use my phone so much that I find it so annoying to open and close it. Folding is not for me.


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It’s still $ 200 more than Flip 4. That’s translated to $ 1200. That’s $ 300 more than how much I got my Flip 3 since I got a $ 100 discount and $ 700 more than how much I got my Razr 5G. I got my Razr 5G at a bargain price of $ 500 when T-Mobile priced it so much in September last year. And the Razr 5G still has the sleeker design with the iconic RAZR chin.

I will still look at this Razr 3. Michael Fisher covers flip phones best. He knows them so well because his first 8 phones were flip phones. It’s the form factor that got me into the mobile phone hobby in 2004 when I wanted that Motorola V600 so much before the RAZR V3 came out. My favorite form factor for all cell phones.

I tried to go back to tiles so as not to stress up my current shells and I can not. A plate feels too awkward. My fate is that only flip phones are on. It feels like a lightsaber to me when I open them and then that satisfying feeling and sound when it closes.

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