Apple iPhone 2022: The 7 coolest upgrades are coming for millions of iPhone users

Apple iPhone 2022: The 7 coolest upgrades are coming for millions of iPhone users

There are about 13 weeks left until the launch of the iPhone 14, if Apple sticks to its usual schedule. But every June, Apple announces the upgrades to the iOS software that powers the iPhone. Although features will be introduced later that are exclusive to this year’s new iPhone, there are a lot that will be added as free enhancements to current iPhones.

Here are the biggest new features announced so far, along with which iPhones they will work with (tip: if your iPhone is the original iPhone SE, iPhone 7 or older, you have no luck).

When will the new software arrive?

It is available to developers right now when registering their test devices. Next month, as usual, iOS 16 will go into public beta, so anyone with a compatible iPhone will be able to try it out. Apple points out (and oh, I really agree) that it’s pure stupidity to put this public beta on a mission-critical device because it will have many bugs and some apps will not work until app developers update their creations. If you want to jump on board the public beta (or, in fact, off again if you find it’s not for you) check out the brilliant guides from other contributors Anthony Karcz which will be shown when the public beta release goes live.

Then the general release will follow in the autumn, usually around the second week of September.

Which iPhones will handle iOS 16?

The three latest versions of iOS, iOS 13, iOS 14 and iOS 15 have remarkably worked on all the same iPhones. Not a single phone was left in three years. So it may not be surprising that there will be a change this year and some users will be disappointed this time. Three iPhones will lose support as iOS 16 rolls around: iPhone SE 1st generation, released in March 2016, and iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which went on sale in September 2016. Of course, these phones will continue to work just as they do today, they will simply not get the iOS 16 innovations.

So the models that will suddenly get better from this autumn with new features are the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X from the autumn of 2017 and every single iPhone that has been released since. This means that when iOS 17 appears at the end of 2023, some phones will have had a full six years of support, which is quite unusual in the world of Android phones.

Here are the great features.

Brand new lock screen

This is a startling development. Of course, your lock screen can have your favorite photo right now. But the other elements (time and date, flashlight and camera) were the only other things you could show. With iOS 16 you can customize the font for the time (although, dear Apple, I would still like an analog clock option here) and other information you can view, such as next appointments, alarms, weather and battery level. The latter is a real bonus because the iPhone screen only has the battery image, not the percentage.

You can also, and this is fantastically cool, select a favorite photo and let the software cut around the subject to lift it from the background for a layer effect. Even better, and this was not made very clear at the keynote, it does not even have to be a portrait photo for this effect.

You can have several lock screens to choose from, just as many dials are possible for the Apple Watch.

2. Keywords

This is very exciting. Do you know how to go to a website and you do not remember which password (or password variant) you used? I mean, it’s a daily occurrence for me. Obviously, if iCloud Keychain has saved it, this is not a big deal, except that websites are hackable and so passwords may not be as private as they should be.

Key keys are part of Safari and are unique digital keys that stay on the device, not on a web server, so they can not be stolen from you by a phishing expedition or stolen in a data breach. You use Touch ID or Face ID instead of entering a password and yes, you can still use passwords even if you log in to a website on a PC or Android phone. You use a QR code and your iPhone instead. I can literally not wait for this.

Live text improvements

Also very cool, Live Text is already available on iPhones with a sufficiently new processor and can translate text as it sees through the camera’s viewfinder. With iOS 16, I let you pause a video and interact with the text there. It can also convert currency values ​​and more.

There are also a series of updates to Visual Look Up so that by tapping a topic in a photo (it must be a well-defined topic) it can lift it from the background to put it in messages. And it will now recognize statues, birds and insects, which it could not before.

4. Apple Pay Later

This will be US only when it comes but lets you buy something through Apple Pay and share the cost over four equal payments over six weeks. There is a minimum of $ 50 for these purchases and it works through Apple Wallet. It comes with order tracking so that you get a detailed receipt and order tracking information from participating retailers.

5. Apple Maps enhancements

Add extra stops to your Maps with Maps in iOS 16 — up to 15 stops. Which must be enough, or what do I mean, what are you, bus driver? Transit information also shows the cost of a trip.

6. Dictation

Significant improvements in dictation come so that you can easily switch from speaking to writing when you are on the go. Automatic punctuation is also promised. If Apple were to add transcription to Voice Notes, it would be even better.

7. Other functions

The truth is, I could have made this post the top 10 innovations, or the top 15. But for the sake of simplicity, here are some of the other cool new items, gathered in one place.

Personalized spatial sound means that by using the forward-facing True Depth camera on Face ID iPhones, you can create a personal profile for Spatial Audio so that the music sounds even better.

Accessibility updates will help visually impaired people navigate by showing Door Detection and other helpful features.

Fitness app on iPhone instead of just on the watch, it contributes to the iPhone’s significant fitness and health ability.

More to come, so feel free to come back.

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