Forza 2 Jet Z Horizon 4 Hot Wheels

Forza Horizon 5’s Series 9 celebrates the upcoming Hot Wheels expansion, full playlist

Forza 2 Jet Z Horizon 4 Hot Wheels

Here is the complete summary of what to expect in Series 9 of Forza Horizon 5’s festival playlist.

The ninth edition of Forza Horizon 5 The festival playlist will have a theme around the coming The Hot Wheels expansion, of which it will be released on July 19. This festival will lead to that release and will celebrate Hot Wheels with what is already included in the title.

Some of the rewards will be Hot Wheels vehicles, and the challenges are intended to also reflect the upcoming expansion. Let’s take a look and see what will be in store for Series 9.


The total rewards for the series will earn 80 and 160 points, as usual. For 80, the “legendary” Twin Mill Hot Wheels car will be unlocked, while at 160 an “epic” Ferrari Dino can be yours. Dino, in particular, is a car that was manufactured as a Hot Wheels molded in the past.

There are eight monthly points available in two challenges, four points per part. Put a clean sheet in the Horizon Mexico Circuit for four of the points and compete in the Monthly Rivals Challenge on the Chihuahua Circuit for the other four. These points are transferred from season to season.


Summer, which is always the wet season, has 53 possible points to unlock. A “legendary” Hot Wheels 2JetZ is available for 20 points earned. Another car that can be found as a Hot Wheels casting, the “epic” Lamborghini Aventador J, is a prize for having collected 40 points.

#FORZATHON Weekly Challenge will be based on a 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, which, if you have not guessed, is another classic Hot Wheels cast. I’ll stop mentioning it now because you can pretty much assume that is what is the case from here on out.

The experiment yields an “epic” Corvette from 1970 while VaporizedCamels Eventlab, CalderaCoaster, will win a “rare” Penhall Cholla. There are some PR stunts that will earn Super Wheelspins, as was the case in recent seasons.

However, each of the seasonal championships will serve cars. These cars include a “rare” Dodge Charger from 2015, an “epic” Plymouth Cuda and a “legendary” Hot Wheels Bone Shaker.

The summer treasure hunt is called Flying Customs, and it takes pictures and releases a Stingray …

There will also be a photo challenge, #MUDRUNNER, and the prize for completing it will be an “epic” car horn called the Tape Rewind.


Autumn is the storm season and again there are 53 points available here. To earn 20 of these points, an exclusive “rare” Plymouth Barracuda can be unlocked. 40 points earned give players the “legendary” NIO EP9.

#FORZATHON Weekly Challenge will require a newer vehicle, the 2021 Ford Bronco. Five points await anyone who passes the challenge.

In The Trial, an “epic” Lamborghini Countach serves as a reward. EventLab by ArkRa1ders is called Ark Skypark Hot Wheels Tribute. Part of the cool thing about this festival is that there were already ways to celebrate Hot Wheels, even though a custom-built game mode and expansion is coming next month.

Autumn introduces the festival’s first Season Playgrounds Games, where players will play several rounds of a game type. Flag Rush is the first, and an “epic” # 34 Volkswagen Beetle is the reward. Three additional promotional stunts will earn three additional Super Wheelspins as well.

In the two season championships, two “epic” cars are once again on the table to win. A 1967 Corvette and a 2013 Aston Martin Vantage S are these cars.

Two straight seasons, two straight treasure hunts. Dragstrip Demons has a Dodge Challenger on the picture and the clue. Very smart if I may say so myself. It will probably require the SRT Demon version of the car.

The photo challenge, #SWAMPBEAST, will win players a “rare” Jump On It feeling (are we talking Sugarhill Gang here?). Finally, participating in The Eliminator receives a “legendary” clothing reward.


For the winter, the snowy dry season, there are another 53 points to be won. At 20 points, the “rare” Dodge Super Bee unlocks. If you get 40 points, you get a “legendary” Zenvo ST1 for you who like such hypercars.

If you take a step back from cars, the #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge will require a truck instead. To get the five points, you need a 2014 Mercedes-Benz Unimog US023.

It’s Mustang Mania for The Trial in Winter, and guess what? You get a classic, “epic” 1971 Ford Mustang to complete it. For Eventlab, Phase Recon offers Sky Castle Circuit as the challenge. A “rare” Acura NSX from 2017 will be what you go with if you can complete it successfully.

Three more PR stunts, three more Super Wheelspins as a reward, which is good because you can get more cars by spinning those wheels. There are two seasonal championships, with a “rare” Hummer H1 and an “epic” # 11 Ford F-150 as these awards.

No treasure hunt in the winter, unfortunately. However, they include a Horizon Tour and a Horizon Open Challenge in its place. By completing the Open, players win a “rare” Nissan GT-R from 1971.

There is a photo challenge, as always, and this one is called #SPEEDTEAM. By completing this task, you will get more clothes, some “epic” Horizon Race gloves.


Finally in the spring it will be hot during the hot season with a final set of 53 points to collect. Hot Wheels Metro, which is an exclusive and “legendary” find in the game, can be unlocked with 20 points. Perhaps one of the only cars that does not have a Hot Wheels cast equivalent in this festival, the “rare” Peel Trident should probably have with how small and cute it looks. This is the price for 40 points.

You need a Buick Regal GNX from 1987 to pass the #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge this spring. American Muscle, baby.

Even more American Muscle awaits Horizon 5 players in The Trial and the selected Eventlab. The trial is called Main Street and a “rare” Chevrolet Camaro from 1969 is unlocked to be completed. The Eventlab by Shady Ryo is called Hot Wheels Mountain Climb. When you finish it, you get a “rare” Ford Mustang SS.

Another Season Playground Games event is included in the spring, this one for a bunch of survival games. Winning one of these gets a “rare” Ford GT70 from 1970. A final trio of Super Wheelspins for PR stunts here too, and then the season championships will yield an “epic” Ferrari 365 GTB4 and a “rare” Porsche 911 GT3 from 2004.

Three of the four seasons have a treasure hunt, including spring. Speed ​​Machines is the title, and the clue has to do with German sports hares? I’ll let Oas sort it out in a few weeks.

The photo challenge is #STREETBEAST and you get a Forza Link reward here for completing it. Finally, a regular 2017 Ford Raptor can be unlocked to compete in the Horizon Open, plus two points earned as well.

What do you think of this Hot Wheels theme festival which is scheduled to start next Thursday (June 23, 2022)? How about the exciting expansion next month? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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