Fuel prices have risen by almost 50 percent since last summer

“We can not continue to absorb costs” – soaring fuel prices cause concern in the industry | Horse racing news

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Fuel prices have risen by almost 50 percent since last summer

Fuel prices have risen by almost 50 percent since last summer

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By Peter Scargill

The rising fuel costs are likely to affect the behavior of coaches, jockeys and owners in the coming months, with prices up by about 50 percent compared to a year ago.

Jump jockey Brian Hughes has already advised his agent not to book him for a ride on a track “because it would not really pay off”, while horse transporters warn that owners will be faced with increased bills that could lead to trainers changing their running patterns with horses.

Gasoline and diesel prices at the pumps have skyrocketed over the past year as economies open up following the coronavirus pandemic and as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to the RAC Foundation, the average price of diesel reached 188.05p per liter last week, an increase of 43 percent from the average price of 131.64p per liter on June 1, 2021.

Costs have continued to rise despite a 5p per liter cut in the fuel tax introduced by the UK government in March, with average prices forecast to potentially reach as high as £ 2 per liter this summer.

Jason Anderson, who runs the Newmarket-based carrier NRT, said: “The fuel price has basically gone up 50 percent in one year and it will cost us about £ 10,000 a year and truck. We have 20 trucks on the road so it is £ 200,000 extra in costs, which is a huge sum for a small business.

“We do not want to carry over those costs but we get to the point where we will need to, and it is difficult in this sport where it is already expensive and prize money is what it is.

“Getting a horse to the races is expensive, we understand that, and it is the owner who ends up bearing that cost. We try to offer sharing, find ways to reduce costs where we can, but it is not always possible. We try absorb costs but we can not continue to do so. “

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Brian Hughes: worries about how fuel prices will affect jockey's trips to competitions

Brian Hughes: worries about how fuel prices will affect jockey’s trips to competitions

Edward Whitaker (racingpost.com/photos)

Kevin Needham, CEO of BBA Shipping, estimates that carriers are facing a cost increase of 10p per mile for larger horse boxes, which may be enough to convince owners and trainers of longer journeys, especially for lower class competitions.

“Hopefully this is a temporary fall in diesel prices and that it will fall again, but I can not see it – historically prices are only going in one direction,” he said.

“Everyone is aware that everything costs more, so people understand that, but if you have a 0-60 handicap you might think twice about going to Newcastle with them. [from Newmarket]. ”

Hughes, who landed his second championship in jumping jockey last season, said rising fuel costs “are a concern” and that the 12 percent pay raises riders received this year struggled to cover the extra expenses.

“There is a real feeling that rising fuel prices could affect jockeys traveling to competitions,” he wrote in his Novibet blog. “If I were to just come for a ride, it would make it terribly expensive, so I think the guys who are not in that position are worried.

“I talked to my agent about not going for a ride because it would not pay off. The cost of everything goes up and that’s a concern.

“We have had a small increase in the fare, but only in line with general inflation, and then you see that fuel prices just go up in the air again and that does not cover it.”

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