More Aer Lingus flights canceled due to Covid increase

More Aer Lingus flights canceled due to Covid increase

Disruptions to international travel will continue into next week, as Aer Lingus is forced to cancel additional flights on Monday due to an increase in Covid cases.

A spokeswoman for Aer Lingus apologized to those affected by the cancellations, but said that just over 1 percent of its flights have been affected by this issue in June.

Aer Lingus flights to and from Berlin, Manchester and Rome have been canceled on Monday, according to lists on Dublin Airport’s website. No canceled flights have been announced for Tuesday. There were also six flights canceled on Sunday, to and from Milan, Lisbon and Amsterdam.

The airline apologized and said its team was working to receive affected passengers. A spokeswoman said that the airline had anticipated that demand would return for Covid and that buffers would be built in to deal with a reasonable level of disruption.

She added: “Systemic pressures and ongoing problems at some airports and among third-party providers have created significant operational challenges that have been exacerbated by a significant increase in Covid cases in recent days.”

Alan and Tammy Clancy’s flight to Amsterdam on Monday night has also been canceled, which they only discovered when they could not check in online.

The couple, who are taking their two sons to a Eurocamp campsite, said they called the helpline and were on ice for two hours before being offered an alternative flight on Thursday, which they said would cost them another 1,400 euros.

“Our accommodation is € 2,600 for 10 days which is non-refundable. So if we are not there we will lose,” Mrs Clancy said.

The family of four instead bought a new flight from Belfast Airport with the airline Easyjet on Monday night.

“Our son has just done his junior certificate and we told him that if he works really, really hard we will have a really fun holiday. It has left a little bad taste in our mouths with Aer Lingus, and we are also worried that come back, if that flight will be canceled. “

Separately, Ryanair said it expects minimal, if any, disruptions to its flights to and from Spain as a result of strikes by cabin crew. The 12 days of action later this month to demand better working conditions were announced by the unions USO and SICTPLA on Saturday.

In a statement, Ryanair said less than 1 percent of its flights have been affected in the past month by “past month minor and poorly supported strikes by cabin crew called by unions that are either not recognized by or represent a small number of Ryanair crews” .

“However, the lack of air traffic control and airport staff in Europe, which is beyond Ryanair’s control, may cause some minor disruption.”

At the same time, Niall Phillips, Siptus’ aviation sector organizer, said that union members have been reassured about the deployment of members of the defense force at the airport, following dissatisfaction from staff about the plane.

Last week, the government confirmed last week that Armed Forces personnel would be made available to the airport as a contingency plan to ensure that the chaos at the airport in May is not repeated, with more than 1,300 passengers missing their flights.

The contingency plan will only be triggered in the event of an increase in Covid-19 infections among airport security officers where the related absence exceeds 20 percent of scheduled personnel, he said.

“At no time will our VCP members be asked or required to work with or train members of the Armed Forces. The DAA has introduced alternative arrangements for the training of Armed Forces personnel that do not involve our members.”

Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said that it is not the task of the Armed Forces to run a state airport, but the task of the DAA.

The plan will apply from July 6 to August 15 and is seen as a “last resort”.

“I do not volunteer for the Armed Forces. “If there is an emergency, if Ireland’s international reputation is at stake – which it is, of course, if Dublin’s airport system collapses, then the defense forces will be there and competent as they always are when it comes to helping,” he told RTE.

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